Young adults and Social Media: What are the Pros and Cons and their impact?

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Answered by: Rene, An Expert in the Young Adults - General Category
This is the question of the decade honestly. More and more people are joining these social media sites such as Facebook and twitter amongst others. Young adults and social media go hand in hand in several aspects. Some people might ask themselves, why are they “hooked” to these new technologies that we didn’t had a few years ago. Well, with the explosion of the technological era came new advances that made it possible to catch up with loved ones distances away which was not possible before. We can also share ideas and come together as a community and feel a sense of belonging to a certain group, which can be noticed everywhere nowadays. People WANT to belong to something, feel a sense of pride and even a sense of meaning to their lives. With these cyber spaces they can do just that, share their ideas and find people with similar interests and start or join a community which they can call their own. It is this exact human characteristic that makes these social media sites very appealing, especially for the young adults of this era. Now more than ever, we have to opportunity to make a change in the world through these social media sites. We see it all around us, just look at all the people getting organized and be activists in their own community or even the whole country. Such an example can be seen from the Egyptian revolution beginning in January 2011. Many accredited this raise in arms to Facebook, because it allowed them to quickly organize and mobilize themselves to unite and fight for what they all cherish and care about. Now we switch from a real dramatic use of social media websites to some least dramatic ones, sort of speak. Who doesn’t remember the good old days when relationships went through stages, the incomparable sighting of a remarkable woman, followed by the courage it took to go up to her and introduce yourself and if everything went well, courtship began which lead to a more serious relationship. From my experience in associating with young adults in my organization and being one myself I can, without a doubt, say that this beautiful rite of passage is nearly extinct. It is sad but true. Now, according to young adults from the youth group organization, women don’t really expect men to do these “Gentleman” things that we used to do in the past and so I concluded that because women, for the most part, don’t expect these things and thus gave men some slack to be lazy in the way they approach woman nowadays. Another astonishing fact gathered form this small research is that both, shy, men and women preferred to meet new potential mates through the use of social media sites instead than face to face. I pointed out shyness before because that is the leading factor preventing these people to go out and introduce themselves. Before it seems we didn’t have a choice to give out our email, cell phone number, or even look that person up online. Now, all that information is served in a silver platter with a click of a button. Young adults and social media are really on the rise mutually and newer generations will come up with newer ways to facilitate our daily lives.

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