What is the limit for spending on a teen birthday party?

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Most teenagers tend to want the best of the best, because they think having that will make them fit in and stand out as well. Whether you can afford to give them the very best or not; you should have a limit to how much you spend when planning a birthday party for them. The reason for their awareness is so they can help inform you of what matters most to them. For example, my teen will stop me from buying her things that she used to like, whenever I'm shopping for her in the supermarket. Things like pop tarts, frosted flakes, and certain potato chips isn't really what appeals to her anymore. Somewhere between ten and thirteen her taste buds changed without me being aware of it and she wants other types of breakfast. Mainly, a teen birthday party should be fun. All teens love loud music. They enjoy a big crowd of people in the own age group. They also like to laugh and play games. It doesn't take a lot of money to make sure the party has all those things. Five hundred dollars is a reasonable amount to put into a teen party. You may have to reserve a skating rink or bowling alley. You may have to put a hundred dollars or possibly one fifty into a special outfit for the occassion. You have to make sure that there is enough food and drink for the crowd that is invited and some people like to throw in a goody bag for the end of the party. People sometimes over-think the planning and go too far with the plans. Some people drop big bucks into teen parties because they think is expected or that it will boost their child's respect amongst their peers. I totally disagree with that way of thinking. When my daughter was a toddler, I would buy her a toy from the store and she would end up playing with the package the toy came in more than the actual toy. A lot of parents have seen that before. The thing I learned from that is children are entertained by almost anything and we don't have to spend a lot of money to see them smile. The most important thing showing them that you care enough to throw a party for them in their honor because you love them. Ultimately, just spend within your budget so that you will not have to struggle way out of debt after is over. As long as there other teens present to help celebrate you are are making your teen happy. Having a chance to socialize outside of school is a gift in itself. Everyone who attends the party will be giddy with excitment. It's not about where you are or what your're wearing. It's about having fun with your friends. Teen birthday parties can be a lasting memory for your child so make sure that it is a good lasting memory. The amount of money you spend has little to do with the overall outcome to your teen birthday party.

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