Life on Campus: Is it worth it?

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1. Meeting people!

Every since person who lives in a dorm remembers their first day: Move in day. It’s arguably the hardest, most amazing, most exhausting day of a college student’s life. On the first day (sometimes the second or third) your RA (Resident Assistant) will hold a floor meeting. Everyone in your floor gathers in the lounge, most of you sitting on the floor in a huge circle, and your RA goes over everything you need to know. Rules, guest privileges, quiet hours (if there are any), and they usually end by saying, “If you guys need anything, I’m always here for you. That’s what we’re here for.” Chances are, when you first hear it, you think they’re kidding. But they’re not. Next, you go around the circle and say the basics: Name, year(Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), major, and one interesting fact about yourself. After, almost everyone filters back to your room, but trust me and stay in the lounge. Grab someone you think might be nice, say hi. Ask if they want to go to dinner together. Chances are everyone wants to meet someone they can hang out with, and living on campus is the best way to do that.

2. Making friends

It’s very easy to make friends while living on campus. First, there’s your roommate. The person you live with. Start on good terms. Talk to them and see what time they usually go to bed, when they wake up, when they study, etc. Get to know your roommate, because they could become your best friend. Or not. There is also the lounge, everyone’s least favorite place for the first few weeks. After classes, bring your homework out. Chances are other people might join you. Be nice, talk to them. Having friends who live on your floor is one of the best parts of my college experience. I spent every single night out in the lounge talking with a huge group of people who I really liked. It made the stressful parts of college life great, because everyone is going through the same thing, more or less. Don’t go into living on campus thinking you don’t need friends, because you do. Get it over with. Trust me, it’ll be the best decision you have ever made.

3. Late night study sessions in your floor’s lounge

Once finals come, everyone’s studying. Most colleges will have 24 hour quiet hours all throughout finals. You don’t have to be silent, but stay quiet. Do that by studying. Everyone has at least one final, and they matter. Get a few people together in the lounge and study. Find someone in your class and compare notes. Ask question. Fill out the study guide together. This will bring your closer, and make life on campus so much easier, trust me.

4. You're always right there

Living on campus means that you’re right there. Say your alarm didn’t go off on time, it’s okay because the building is a ten minute walk from your bed. If you need to meet with a group for a project, chances are the library is pretty close. Also, when you live close, it’s easier to leave your room in your pajamas and slippers. Also, you get to sleep in longer. Sleep is essential to getting through college. Sleep in as late as you can, then get a coffee and go to class. Trust me, you will never regret being able to sleep in an extra hour. It’s worth the money.

5. Dining Halls

You don’t have to make your own meals, most of the time. And if you do, it’s on the weekends. Trust me, dining halls are amazing. You swipe your card and bam- there’s an entire kitchen full of food just for you. You can eat as much as you want, whenever you want and it’s usually pretty good. If you have allergies, they accommodate and make special food for you. It’s truly amazing. Also a great place to hang out with friends!

6. Lifelong friendships

Now it’s time to get sappy. You truly do meet your lifelong friends while at college, and it’s easier to find them if you live on campus. Your friend soul mate is looking for you, and if you commute it’s so much harder. Help out your friend soul mate and live on campus! Perhaps they’ll be on your floor, or maybe you’ll bump into each other while trying to nap at the library, or cramming for finals, or maybe eating all the food you can stack on your plate. College is such a great experience, whether you want to live on campus or not. Trust me when I say the extra money is totally worth it, and life on campus will be the best time of your life.

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