What are life changes in your 20s?

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College is over. You're 20-something and you're wondering what changes. Here's a good list of life changes in your 20s:

Your Living Situation: Mom and Dad are at the point where they're probably saying something like, "time to get a new place". If you're smart, you've saved up some dough throughout your young adult/adult years to start renting a place to live. If not, then you're lucky to have saved some extra quid to pitch in for your parents' energy bill. Also, the concept of 'curfew' arises again under their roof.

Your Food Consumption: Let's face it - you start thinking more and more about what you're eating because the money for it is coming out of your pocket. Also, have you noticed that you're working more than you used to? That's right! When you used to be able to visit the gym before going to Biology Theory, you're hanging out by the water cooler or break room with a half-eaten donut in your hand.

Your Clothing Style: Ah, you can recall those party nights when you could care less about you were wearing (or perhaps what you WEREN'T wearing) and how convenient it was to just stay in your pajamas when going to class. Think again. Now you have to work. Your boss will remind you multiple times about exposing your midriff or wearing your hair down to cover that tattoo on the back of your neck. Your wardrobe will change and before you know it, it will be a 50/50 split between "work clothes" and "non-work clothes". Your work clothes will be in a rotation. And sooner than you think, you'll forget what you wore to last Saturday's happy hour. You'll wear the same thing twice in a row and people will notice.

Your Priorities: This is probably the most-hated change of all. Before, you could party on your parents' dime. Now it's time to think twice! When is that report due for work? When is the cable guy coming to install the Internet and TV service? Should I eat a snack before I go to that really long meaning at 11? Do I have enough gas in my car (if at this point you have your own car) for tomorrow's commute? When will I have a minute to hang out with my friends? Prioritizing is the key here and this is the time to use it. All those years of school have hopefully taught you how to put things into an order that is manageable without making you want to commit suicide. Sure, you'll fumble here and there. It's a trial and error kind of thing. But you'll figure it out. Oh, and don't forget to visit the gym between errands. That is - if you're able to afford your own gym membership.

Your Thoughts on the Future: After taking a look at all these changes, you're starting to think about the future, aren't you? Where you'll be in 5, 10, 20 years? And at this point, I've probably scared you to death about life changes in your 20s. Take it from me though, I was at this point before and it's better to know what to expect than to not know at all. I'll leave this last one for you to think out for yourself!

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