How to deal with being part of the generation of The twenty something's?

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From youth, an idea is engrained in our minds that there is a rhyme and rhythm to life. Do well in school, go to college, get a good job, make a family, then you die. It’s not until you get to college (or after high school for those who choose not to go to college) that the truth actually reveals itself to you. It’s not that easy.College life is tough. Sure, there are parties and drinking and sex but there’s also schoolwork, a lot of it, lack of money, loans, and the looming pressure of the future. The pressure of not attaining that optimal life plan is scary. The future is scary. The current job market is scary. Almost as if all this hard work is being done without a guarantee that it will even be worth it afterwards.

Then comes graduation. Then comes no change. No job, no money, school loans, forced to live with the parents. Feeling like a failure because our parents and the generations before us made the transition seem so easy. But we seem to be stuck in the molasses stage of life that comes after child but before adult.What are we? The twenty something's. We are undefined. We are the lost kids in Never land without even the shadow of a Peter Pan coming to lead us gracefully into the real world. We are still scared.

We need to embrace this fear. We need to make mistakes now while we have the time. Take the sticky mess we are stuck in and start a sticky fight with it. Hold onto childhood while it’s still attainable. Sure, we can be mature and keep hunting for jobs. But don’t lose that child while striving to be that adult. Don’t lose hope that we can still attain that life, but only if it’s what we want.

We are the generation of technology, made to help us learn more, but slowly making us irrelevant. Too alike are the twenty something’s and technology. Both produced around the same time, both filled to the brim with knowledge, yet one seems to be excelling in the land of careers more so than the other. Human interaction will always be around, though and will always be necessary. As will hope.

Try and think of it as If we get land the dream job, great! If not, that’s ok, too. We’re still alive. We’re still full of knowledge. And we still have time. All this pressure that is placed on our generation is doing us more harm than good. The twenty something's. We will be the generation that runs the world someday. We can’t be burned out by the time we get there.

We need to learn to hold our mistakes up, embrace them and learn from them as we slowly progress out of the mess into adulthood. It will come. Sooner than we think. And we shall leave the mess to join the masses. I’m not there yet, but I’m betting it’s not all it’s chocked up to be.

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